Clock Tower

Clock Tower

I started at the end, posting pictures of the mountains which we saw on the last few days of the trip, so now I’ll start at the beginning. The first day was Old Salem. The neatest part of Old Salem is that it’s still part of the town. Like, people still live there in the old houses (they’re all very well taken care of). Interspersed between the private residences are historic houses with period furniture, decoration, etc. as well as people dressed up period clothing showing you around. It was pretty cool. The town was so big that I think we only went to about half of the houses before my feet were about to fall off. Anyway, this is a shot of the clock tower of the Salem College which is still an active women’s college. *Updated*, I thought about it and it’s actually the bell tower of the Moravian Church which is right by Salem College.

I think it would be such a trip to live in this part of town. People in 19th century clothing, tourists and college students all walking around in front of your house. That’s a weird combo of people. Though I imagine there are a ton of tourists that would try to walk right into your house. That would be annoying.

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