Slow Cooker Pork Spare Ribs with Spicy Peach-Mango BBQ Sauce

Slow Cooker Pork Spare Ribs with Spicy Peach-Mango BBQ Sauce

One interesting aspect of Whole30 has been adding a lot more protein to my diet. In the past, I didn’t eat much meat during the day, for the most part defaulting to smoothies, toast, cereal/oatmeal and sandwiches (usually PB&J) and for dinner I’d usually make some kind of chicken or fish (occasionally pork or beef) that was served alongside pasta, rice or potatoes. So when I started Whole30 and I couldn’t eat any gluten, grains or starchy vegetables I basically had to start over. I never had a problem planning dinners but breakfast and lunch was hard to figure out.

It quickly became apparent that when I ate meat and/or eggs during the day, I had a lot more energy and felt much better. Despite that, it’s been a big adjustment, since the meats I prefer (bacon, ham, lunch meat) have added sugar or chemicals so I’m not allowed to eat them. To keep my energy up during the day, I’ve mainly been eating a lot of eggs for breakfast and then chicken or tuna for lunch. I also add spinach to either my eggs or a smoothie since leafy greens have a lot of protein. Even after almost a month, I can’t say I love eating so much during the day, so I’ll be very happy when I can get my protein from Greek Yogurt, peanut butter and bacon again.

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