A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius

A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius Is this book overrated or what? I think I may be the last person in the world to read it, though, and in my opinion, it has not aged well. I can see how in 2000 that’s Eggers’ style would be new and exciting and different, but in 2008? Done. to. death. I guess that’s not really his fault.

Did I think it was a bad book? No. Did I think the writing was bad? For the most part, no. There was just some really gimmicky devices he used that annoyed the hell out of me. Like when he starts having imaginary conversations with his “brother” or his friend “John” which are really just an excuses for some self-indulgent rambling. I originally thought that this was another example of being fresh in 2000 and stale by 2008, but then I went back and read the (amusing) Preface (which he advises you to skip in the first place) and he acknowledges that he knows he did some gimmicky stuff. So the fact that he admitted that kind of annoyed me even more.

The thing about this book is that it feels like you are reading this guy’s blog. Which is maybe why I think it hasn’t aged well? I read blogs every single day and have been for years, so this style is nothing new to me. In 2000, it would have been. Always late to the game, I guess.

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Cabin in the Woods


I’m slowly working through all of my photos of our vacation to North Carolina last month. These are of the cabin (and the views surrounding it) where we stayed at for the first part of the week. It was stunningly beautiful out there despite much of the Fall color being gone by the time we arrived (I heard from a park ranger in Asheville that Hurricane Sandy had blown away most of the leaves when it passed by). I’d love to say it was absolutely perfect but there were definitely some hitches.

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Floating Leaf

So I’m finally getting around to posting new pics instead of ones from my archives. We found a nature preserve that’s only about 10 minutes away. It’s weird because it’s in the middle of this huge development of new condos and apartments and stores, but you turn down this little dirt road and all of sudden all the trees obscure that stuff and it’s like your in a different world. It’s pretty awesome.

This leaf looks like it’s floating, but in actuality, it was stuck in a spider’s web. I really like how this shot turned out.

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