A trip up the mountain


I went on vacation to North Carolina two weeks ago and it looks like Fall officially ended while I was gone. Before I left the trees in front of my apartment were still filled with brilliant red leaves but when I got back they were barren. It’s been a nice Fall here, so I’m sad it’s over. Especially since it’s not terribly cold yet, which is really the only good part about winter.

I’m still editing my vacation photos but in the meantime these are the last of my Fall photos. I took them at the end of October when Brandon and I traveled up the mountain to Sewanee to visit our old high school. There was a lecture that Brandon was interested in seeing but I mostly went because I knew the Fall colors would be lovely up there. I was not disappointed!

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Hair Dye

53/365 - February 22, 2010

I tried dying my hair red again, but as usual it didn’t really work. This brand actually worked better than other ones I’ve tried. In the light, the top of my head looks pretty red, but if I’m not standing under a direct light it looks dark brown like normal. I’m going to have to go to a salon if I really want to do this, but I hate salons and I’m scared I’ll look ridiculous and it’ll be a big waste of money. I’ve always wanted to have red hair, though so I’m going to do it sometime this year. I want to try red hair before I turn 30!

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