Goose Family



I love kittens and puppies, but there’s something about baby birds that make them the cutest of all. Maybe it’s the fluffy baby fuzz? This is just one of families of geese that I’ve found around here. I’ve seen at least one other family of geese and a family of ducks (who only seem to come out when it’s too dark to get pictures!). Have I mentioned how much I love this neighborhood?

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Long Beach


I grew up on the Mississippi Gulf Coast but haven’t had the chance to visit since my family moved away after 6th grade. I finally went back in February for my grandmother’s funeral. I could only stay a few days but despite the sad occasion it was nice to be able to show Brandon where I grew up and see some of my other family.

I’ve never been much of a beach person, despite living right across the street from it for several years, but I honestly forgot how beautiful and peaceful it can be sometimes.

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (NO SPOILERS)

So, it’s over. I finished it last night at about 1am. I’ve been on a media blackout since about Thursday, so I wanted to get it done with this weekend so I could get back on the damn internet.

Freaking UPS took their sweet time delivering it on Saturday. I actually wound up sleeping on the sofa Friday night because I was absolutely petrified that UPS would come while I was asleep and I wouldn’t get my book. But of course, they didn’t deliver it until 4 freaking 30 in the afternoon. I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I should have just waited in line at midnight with the rest of the world. Oh well.

Apparently, I’m a slow reader because I’ve been reading other people’s blogs and comments who got through it in 7-12 hours, but it took me more like 20. Still though, I feel like I read it too fast and I’m going to re-read it this week at a much slower pace.

It really was the perfect weekend. It rained really hard all Saturday and Sunday, and I always just want to curl up with a good book when it’s like that outside. It was fantastic. Poor Brandon was bored out of his mind because I literally said about 5 words to him the whole time. I made up for it a little bit by stopping about 200 pages from the end (because I knew I wouldn’t be able to stop any time after that) and making him dinner, but then I went right back to reading.

Final thoughts (no spoilers!)…

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Rural Pennsylvania, Part 1

Apple Tree


Apple Tree



Well, I’m back from my vacation. Actually we got back late last Monday, but I didn’t get my photos processed until this past weekend. Honestly, it was a pretty crappy vacation. I thought I was going to get a ton of photos (as evidenced by the 4 memory cards I brought) but I came back with slightly more than I usually get from walking around my own neighborhood for a few hours.

The problem was that we didn’t actually get to do anything. We were at the whim of Brandon’s mom and she didn’t seem to want to do much of anything except hang out with some of her old friends and eat their food. It was really boring. She had made all these plans for stuff we were going to do (like going to Washington D.C. or Fort McHenry), but I guess when we she realized it involved actually getting out of bed early and driving somewhere she lost all motivation. The only touristy thing we did was go to Gettysburg, but all we did was walk around the welcome museum. His mom didn’t even make it through the whole museum! She wound up sitting in the food court most of the time and then she made us all leave before we actually got to see Gettysburg. What’s the point of going to Gettysburg if you don’t get to see Gettysburg??

The yurt we stayed in was…interesting. It wasn’t horrible, but I doubt I’d choose to do it again. I love nature, but I’m just not a camper. I need indoor plumbing! Mostly it was a chore having to be in a very small space with 4 other people. It would have probably been okay if it was just me and Brandon. And I didn’t even get any photos of the yurt, either. I kept putting it off and then on Monday it was pouring rain and Brandon just wanted to leave so we wound up going home a day early.

Anyway, these photos are of the garden of the friend that we spent the whole week mooching off of. The poor guy had to pay for the yurt, too! He was really outdoorsy and apparently rents the yurt all the time so he can fish and hike and I guess he thought it would be fun for us, too? He and his family lived out in the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania surrounded by corn fields. I wouldn’t mind living in an area like that, it was quite beautiful. He had a giant back yard and a beautiful garden. I’d love to have a garden like this someday.



I can’t believe how few photos I took in the last month. This is the last one I have. Of course, I still take photos every week for my food blog, so I guess that has just taken priority to my personal photos. I’m finding that I have a hard time balancing my food blog, this blog and, you know, actual work. It seems I can do two pretty well, but then the third gets put on the backburner and that has definitely been the case for my nature/personal photography lately.

I got my new 18-270mm lens today, though, but I have so much work this week that I really don’t have time to play with it yet! I’m hoping to carve out some time later this week and then next week I’ll have some new photos to post.

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