At the Park: Duck

If you haven’t noticed, this is a photoblog now. I never made a formal announcement last week, though, so I figured I should. Right now I’m camera-less, so I’m uploading some pictures from my archives, but this past weekend I ordered a shiny new “professional” camera for my birthday and I hope to practice with it and learn to take better pictures in the future. Comments and constructive criticism are welcome.


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  1. mary says:

    WordPress looks different. Is it a newer version?

    I just love this blog and I love the way you made the layout! 🙂

    A photoblog was an idea I had after I saw what it was about a year ago, but I figured I’d just keep writing in my regular blog. Now that I’ve seen yours though, I really love the whole concept. So maybe in a few months I’ll have to let you design me one. Thats if you want to. I may just write personally over at Vox. Who knows. Right now isn’t really the time to think about it, lol.

    What kind of camera did you get? (Thats another reason to wait on a Photoblog – I need a nicer camera! hehe).

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