Big Angry Bird

So I got my new camera last week, and I LOVE it, but due to a combination of car trouble and bad weather, I haven’t really gotten a chance to take many pictures. Plus, I think I live in the most boring city in the world, which is quite ironic considering the nickname is “The City Beautiful”. Yeah, if your idea of beauty is flat, bland and overdeveloped with a few palm trees sprinkled in.

Anyway, this is really strange bird that took up residence behind my apartment last week. Brandon said he was calling for a mate or something, but he seemed so ANGRY about it. I’m glad he was on the other side of the pond, because I wouldn’t have put it past him to attack me.

Also, score one for optical zoom. It’s so nice having a real camera again.

Update: Looks like my feed and permalinks have been broken for at least a few days. I think it’s fixed now.

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