Life and Death

Life and Death

So I actually went out yesterday specifically to take some new pictures. We went “hiking” at a nature reserve in a town near here called Christmas. What’s in Christmas? Well, not a whole hell of a lot. But apparently every year people come from hundreds of miles around to send their Christmas cards from the Christmas post office.

Anyway, the nature reserve was mainly boring pine trees and a bunch of dirt roads that our poor little car did not like driving on. We finally found a “trail” (meaning they obviously just bulldozed a line through the forest) and walked down it for a little while, but there really wasn’t much there. The highlight was coming upon some gigantic grasshoppers that were umm…mating.

It wasn’t a total loss, I got a few ok pics which I will post throughout the week. Plus, it was a nice day out, so it wasn’t worst way to spend a Sunday.

Next weekend we’re going to try a different nature trail, so maybe that will turn out better.


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  1. Mary says:

    Beautiful picture Emily. 🙂

    I miss Florida here and there, but I really miss you most. Hope things are going well!

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