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You would not believe how many posts I have in draft mode in here. I don’t really know what the deal is. I start a post and halfway through I decide I should like an ass and I never finish the post. Blah. I need to just get over it.

I actually wanted to sign up for NaBloPoMo to challenge myself to actually write in this thing again, but I’m going to be gone for the first week of the month, so I’d automatically lose. Although, I know the point isn’t really winning or losing, but still. Plus, going from writing nothing to something every single day would be a pretty big leap, one that I doubt I could make no matter how committed I was. Here’s my goal for November: 1 post a week. That’s a good start.

One of last times I posted all those months ago, I talked about the Mayer/Folds concert and I mentioned I had gotten tickets for Maroon 5. Well, that concert was a week ago and it was pretty awesome.

I wasn’t excited for it ONE BIT. I haven’t listened to Maroon 5 since I bought their newest album last spring and I honestly didn’t like the album all that much. It’s not bad, but I didn’t listen to it over and over and over again for months on end like I did with their first album. I thought the new songs were fairly forgettable actually. I was thinking about forgoing the concert entirely because I knew my boyfriend sure as hell didn’t want to go. But I also knew we had really good tickets and it would have been a big waste of money not to go. So we went.

It was definitely worth it. Our seats were about 5 feet from the stage. Not that you even bother with seats when you are 5 feet from stage, so in reality I stood about 2 feet from stage. Can’t beat that. I may not have been excited before, but I definitely got excited standing so close to the stage. I just wish I hadn’t been so stupid and worn uncomfortable shoes. I wound up having to take them off about a quarter a way though the concert because my feet were hurting so badly.

The opening opening act was some HORRIBLE guy. When he first came out, I could have sworn it was Corbin Bleu from the High School Musical movies (and don’t ask me how I know who Corbin Bleu is or why I know he’s in HSM because I will plead the 5th on that one). The guy had the EXACT same gigantic afro. This guy’s afro was even bigger than Corbin’s which is pretty big feat. Except for his afro, he was pretty forgettable. I don’t remember his name at all. His songs were some kind of R & B/Rap hybrid, complete with onstage mixer and some K-fed look alike background singer (or rapper, I guess). My boyfriend was laughing all the way through the act and I kept having to hit him so he’d stop. People were nice and clapped half-heartedly, but right after he left the stage and the lights came up, there was this collective giggle that ran through the audience like “the wave”.

The real opening act, The Hives, were pretty damn cool. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a band with so much energy. The lead singer was just cute as a button (his Swedish accent was the best) and kept running back and forth on stage and even jumped in with the audience a few times. He didn’t have a wireless mic, so this poor tech guy had to follow him around everywhere trying to untangle the long cord and make sure the guy didn’t trip or get snagged. It was pretty hilarious because the singer was completely oblivious to how much he was tangling up the cord. At the beginning of their set the lead singer said that we’d be fans by the end, which I laughed at, but my boyfriend and I are definitely fans now. Actually, I know that my boyfriend enjoyed The Hives a lot more than Maroon 5.

The worse thing was that there were these two girls near us, who sat through the ENTIRE set with their heads in their laps, hands over their ears! The girls were sitting right under the lead singer, so the whole band could see them. I honestly can’t think of anything more rude. I mean, I get that when you buy tickets for a concert, you are getting them for the headlining act and may not like the opening act, but come on! You don’t have to stand up and cheer, you don’t even have to clap if you really want to be an asshole, but if you won’t even LOOK at the band when they are two feet away from you, that’s just unforgivably rude. I don’t understand how anyone could act like that.

Right before Maroon 5 came on they got up and started stomping around and yelling to the security people about how they bought tickets for $119 dollars and all these other people who didn’t were getting in front of them and blah blah blah whine whine whine. First of all, they wasted a shit load of money, because mine were half that and I was only ONE row behind them. Second of all, get the hell over yourself! Finally they just got up and marked their territory at the front of the stage and snarled at anyone who came near them. After all that, I was watching them during the concert and they didn’t seem to be having ANY fun at all. They just stood there, didn’t clap, sing, dance or even sway. They looked positively bored. They could have TOUCHED Adam Levine on SEVERAL occasions and didn’t even try. What the hell was wrong with these people? Why go through all the trouble and not even try to have some fun?

Adam Levine Anyway. Maroon 5 did a good set. Compared to the ADD Hives, Adam and Co seemed kinda mellow, but that’s okay. I think they played more songs from their first album than their new one, which I was happy about and made for a better concert since I know all the words to those. And except for those two idiot girls, everyone else in the front with me was having fun. I got a BUNCH of pictures of the beautiful Adam Levine, but since they were all on my camera phone, they look like crap. Better than nothing I guess.

Anyway, I’m glad we went. But that’s two Maroon 5 concerts I’ve been to, so unless their next album is the. best. ever. I doubt I will be seeing them in concert again.

Next week we are going all the way up to North Carolina for a Decemberists concert. My boyfriend and I absolutely LOVE them (I’d say they are our fav band right now), and NC was the closest venue so we decided to make a vacation out of it. It’s really our first vacation together. We’ve visited parents and people like that, but we’ve never gone to a place we’ve never visited before and stayed in a hotel and all that. The concert is a two night event, so we’re going to be there most of the week, exploring the town during the days. I can’t wait!

I’m worried about being away from work of course, and I’ve warned all my clients that I’ll be gone, but I just know someone is going to to have an emergency. I am such a work-a-holic. I had to make sure the hotel would have wireless before I booked it. I am going to try my best not to ANSWER my email, but I’ll probably still be checking it. I want to have a REAL vacation though, so I’m going to try my best to relax and not worry about work. We’ll see how that goes.


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  1. Deb says:

    Nice link! I just saw Maroon 5 a few weeks ago in DC. We had third row seats for the soundcheck and the concert, it was unreal! We also met the guys after soundcheck for a chat and photo! It is kind of bothersome when you spend mucho dinero and other people come push their way up! Those seats so far up are FAN CLUB seats which people paid like 50 bucks to join the club so they deserve those seats!

    Check out the photos!

  2. Emiline says:

    Oh, I know. I’m actually in the fan club as well, which is how I got such good seats. Being in the fan club doesn’t give you the right to act like an ass, though. The security people were doing their job and not letting random people get up there, so there wasn’t any reason for those girls to act like that.

    Great photos, though. 🙂 I wish I had brought a nicer camera.

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