I heart the BSC

This is my favorite new site. I loved the Baby-sitter’s Club books so much. They were all I read for at least two or three years starting around 4th or 5th grade. I had BSC everything. Posters all over my room, the calendar, the game. I even went all OCD and starting keeping an inventory of all my books and when I read them. I don’t remember what number I was up to when I stopped, but it was up there.

My favorite character was Stacy. I would have given anything to be Stacy. But I also liked Mary Anne since she was pretty much like me. It’s so funny to read that website, though, because Stacy is SUCH a bitch. I never once saw that. But, man, she really is a snobby bitch.

Even though I don’t really like kids, I started my own Baby-sitter’s Club (I think I was the only member, though. I was friends with a couple of girls in my neighborhood, but I don’t remember them being part of the club). I put up posters at our neighborhood pool and everything. I even made a Kid Kit (basically a big bag of toys and games that you bring with you). I remember I regularly babysat for two little girls that I actually really liked but I don’t think there were any other little kids in the neighborhood.

I stopped reading BSC books sometime after we moved to Tennessee and I started 7th grade. I remember having an “I <3 the BSC" pin on my bookbag and one of my classmates noticed it and made some comment about them being baby books or something like that. I think I probably stopped reading that day. Ahh, peer pressure. I still tried babysitting a few more times and that's when I realized I'm not really a kid person. The last job I remember going to was for a little boy and I had to read him a bed time story, which in and of itself would have been fine. But I had a sore throat and it was really hurting my throat to read out loud. I think I just needed a freaking glass of water. I have no idea why I didn't just go get one, that was just dumb. Anyway, I think my voice scared the kid because they never asked me back. After that I started pet-sitting instead, which I liked MUCH better. Cats and dogs are much simpler than children. My digital cable has HBO and Showtime on Demand and you can browse all the movies they are showing and watch them whenever you want. So one day a few months ago, I was uber bored and looking for something to watch and lo and behold they had the Baby-sitter's Club movie. The movie was WAY after my time, so I never saw it. I think I kind of wanted to, but, alas, it was too uncool (sigh). My curiosity got the best of me and I watched the movie. Man. That was crap-crappity-crap. It had Larisa Oleynik (of Alex Mack fame) COMPLETELY miscast as Dawn. I'm glad I missed it the first time since it was pretty horrid. It didn't even look like a real movie. It was a slight step up from the BSC videos they used to have and those were really bad quality. Anyway, you can't go home again, right? Or something like that. At least I can go to this site and laugh at my tween self.


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  1. Mary Curry says:

    Hehe. I never got into that series or the Sweet Valley High one. It seems everyone was into those things and I wasn’t. I had a love/hate relationship with babysitting and I didn’t like kids either! Weird how time changes things 🙂

  2. Jamie says:

    I use to read BSC books like it was my job. I had a ridiculous collection!

    I’m stopping by via Rachelskirts 🙂

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