Fall Cleaning

Woo Hoo! The Great De-cluttering of 2007 is complete.

What is the Great De-cluttering of 2007? Well, when I got home from vacation a few weeks ago, I could not stand the sight of my apartment. I don’t know if it was living in a hotel room for a week with only the bare necessities or living out of a suit case or maybe it wasn’t either of those things. I just knew I wanted to throw everything in my apartment away. We have SO much stuff. We don’t even use half of it. And my closets and cabinets and drawers? Oh my lord. Stuffed to the brim with crap. I decided I was going to go through EVERYTHING and either give or throw away the crap we don’t use anymore. It’s taken me two weeks but I’m finally done.

I started with my closet with clothes in it I haven’t worn in more than 10 years. 10 years! I wound up with 9 giant trash bags for donation. And it wasn’t even all old stuff. I had stuff in there that had tags still on, stuff I’d only worn once or twice, but stuff that I would never ever wear today. So why was I keeping it? I went through my boyfriend’s clothes and filled two more bags. Then I completely re-organized my storage closet and bathroom cabinets. I have actual room in there now, to store the stuff I actually use. I filled three more trash bags with towels, sheets, and bed covers. I still had the sheets for my twin bed from college. Like I’m ever going to sleep on a twin bed again.

All-in-all we wound up taking 14 bags full of stuff down to Good Will and that was just from one room. I still have two more bags to take down there full of coats and sweaters.

This past weekend my boyfriend and I tackled our big storage closet. It’s a big walk-in where we put anything that doesn’t have anywhere else to go. As you can imagine, it was pretty bad in there. Like, can’t-open-the-door-without-crap-falling-on-your-head bad. Most of it was just old boxes that didn’t even have anything in them. Just boxes for electronics or other stuff we had bought. I wound up keeping the box for our TV since it’s a pretty specific size, but everything else will fit in a normal box when we move, so what’s the point in keeping a special box? I also had stacks and stacks of old magazines. Because I’m ever going to read the Architectural Digest from March 2002? I don’t think so.

The closet is amazing now. I can actually walk in my walk-in closet! All the way to the back! And I can get to the stuff I need to get to. Like the Christmas decorations!

We finally got rid of the two extra office chairs (we had 4! office chairs in one small room) by taking them down to my boyfriend’s office (that actually needed extra office chairs). And we put out my old monitor and the Christmas tree stand (we got a fake tree last year, so we don’t need it anymore) out by the garbage bin and people had scavenged them by the next day.

I even went through my kitchen and found tons of crap. We had two wine openers even though I’ve never bought a bottle of wine in my life. And a garlic press (there’s a story to that one). Why would I ever use a garlic press? There was some crackers in there that I’m pretty sure we had when we moved down her 4 years ago. Somehow I don’t think those are ever getting eaten.

I feel VERY good right now. It’s like I had a mountain of crap bearing down on me. The apartment is clean now and we have storage space (though hopefully we won’t need it). It was just stifling before. I feel like I can breath again. I wish I’d done this sooner. Hopefully I can keep this up and curb my packrat ways so I don’t get myself into this situation again.


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  1. Mary Curry says:

    Wow! Definitely sounds like you guys had a LOT of stuff. I went through our closets last week and organized some, but only had 3 small bags of stuff to give away. I *still* have my old “skinny” clothes and I refuse to get rid of them because I am determined to get to my goal, one of these days. 🙂

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