My dirty secret

Confession time: I actually put all my Christmas decorations last week. It’s the earliest I’ve EVER put them up. I always felt like I should wait until December; like there was something wrong with you if put decorations up any earlier.

But I think Florida is infecting me. There’s the whole mindset down here of…wishful thinking, I guess? For instance, look at a map of Florida and you’ll find the highest concentration of towns that have “winter” in them. Winter Springs, Winter Gardens, Winter Park, there’s even a town near here called Christmas. I shit you not, they keep decorations up all year long. There’s almost nothing in that town but a post office and apparently everyone goes there to mail their Christmas cards.

Anyway, Floridians REALLY overcompensate when it comes to Christmas. It’s 80 degrees outside and doesn’t feel at all Christmas-y, so they do everything they possibly can to turn their houses into winter wonderlands. I’ve NEVER lived in a place where so many people plaster their houses with thousands of lights and giant plastic snowglobes and reindeer all over their roofs. It’s not just a few houses in the neighborhood. It’s EVERY SINGLE house within a 5 mile radius. And the decorations start going up on November 1st, they don’t bother waiting around. We went out to eat last night and I’d say that 60% of the houses we drove by were decorated, by next weekend it’ll be at 100%.

So I suppose I have turned into one them. What can I say? I love Christmas. I love decorations. Plus after we bought the fake tree last year, putting everything up is easier than ever. I used to have to wait until a Sunday that my boyfriend had off from work and drag him down to buy a tree, which we had to tie to the car and then drag it all the way up to our apartment, getting needles everywhere along the way. It was such an ordeal. I had some reservations about getting a fake tree, but really, this year was so much simpler. I just pulled it out of the closet and spaced out the branches, added some lights and I was done. I may miss the pine tree smell but it’s nice being able to pull out the tree whenever I want. It’s also nice not getting hives from the pine needles.

My boyfriend helped me finish adding the ornaments tonight, so we’re officially decorated now. I love the feeling in my apartment, decorations just make everything so much cheerier. Plus my cats’ new favorite sleeping place is under the tree, so they are happy as well.

Next step, Christmas cards and gifts. I wish that was going to be as simple.


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  1. Mary Curry says:

    Oh I remember how crazy it was down there. And we actually drove through the town of Christmas on our way down during the move. It was so small a town that when I blinked, we were already through it. LOL!

    I love your Christmas tree. So purdy. We bought blue lights this year and I can’t wait to see what they look like. We’re going to get a real Christmas tree too. It’s been almost 5 years since we had one and I really want to smell some Pine 🙂

    Have a wonderful Monday!!!!

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