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Recently I’ve been getting in touch with my artsy-crafty side again. I’ve always been like that, but it comes and goes in cycles. For instance I got into knitting a few years ago with the whole Stitch ‘n Bitch craze, and I went all crazy and made a badillion scarves and hats and bought hundreds of dollars in yarn and supplies. But after about a year, I kinda lost interest. It didn’t help that my knitting partner-in-crime moved away. (It’s all your fault! Just kidding.)

But I was looking at my forlorn knitting basket a few weeks ago and the thought occurred to me that I could actually knit something and that sounded fun. So I made a scarf since that’s the simplest and fastest thing you can do to get yourself back into the knitting groove. Here it is:

It’s kinda crazy, huh? I made it too wide, but I was already a quarter done before I noticed, and I didn’t want to start over. It’s also REALLY long and really bulky, too. I’m not sure I’ll ever use it (I hardly ever need a scarf in FL), but it was fun to make. I think it looks like a muppet. I don’t know why, I just look at it and think of a muppet. Like if Elmo had brother who was drag queen he would look like this scarf.

Now I’m trying to do a purse that I’ve started and stopped about million times already. Maybe I’ll actually finish it this time.

Besides knitting, I’ve been making some DIY Christmas decorations. I made some of these last night and they turned out really well. When I was cleaning out my big storage closet this past weekend I found a TON of really nice (and expensive) paper that I had bought in college. Beautiful, handmade kind of stuff. So that’s what I used to make the ornaments. They turned out really well. I hung them up over my kitchen table. I might even keep them up all year round.

Lastly I made some of these. I made a bunch last year, but didn’t have anywhere to put them after Christmas, so I just threw them away. My boyfriend thinks they look more like stars than snowflakes, so maybe I’ll keep these up year round as well. I made them in different colors this year, I’ve made red, blue and pink and I also made a smaller ones in white, green, and coral. I hung them around my office and I love ’em. I don’t have much up on the walls in here, so they really liven it up.

Hopefully, I’ll stay in this crafty mood, it’s been fun. I might make (or bake) Christmas presents this year because we kinda low on cash right now. Anyone have ideas for fun projects?


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  1. Mary Curry says:

    Oh those are lovely!!! I love the pink snowflake. I saw that ‘how to’ last year and wanted to do it. Maybe I’ll make some this year.

    The scarf is beautiful! I haven’t been able to knit since the baby was born. I just don’t have time! You know what you could do with unwanted knitting projects? Sell them on Etsy! lol

    And I’m so sorry I moved away from my ONLY knitting partner 😉 I don’t have anyone to knit with here!

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