The following recently took place between me and my boyfriend at a restaurant:

Me: (Eats a slice of cucumber off Boyfriend’s salad plate)

Me: uhhhhggg (Scrunches up face in disgust, tries to get it down as quickly as possible)

Boyfriend: What was wrong with it?

Me: (Inhales half a glass of diet coke) I don’t know. (More coke) I can’t even describe how horrible it was. It just made me want to vomit. (Coke)

Boyfriend: That’s a pretty good description.

A few minutes later…

Boyfriend: (Eats remaining cucumber slice)

Boyfriend: (Scrunches up face in a myriad of unpleasant ways, obviously grossed out by what he’s eating)

Me: I told you it was bad, why did you eat it?

Boyfriend: (Inhales water) Well, Number 1, I wanted to know what you meant when you said you couldn’t describe it and Number 2, I’m an idiot. (More water)


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