Color Theory

I have a beef with you, Amazon. If you are going to sell products where color is a REALLY important factor in choosing which product you want, then you might want to try to use photographs that at least approximate the actual color.

Case in point. Fiestaware. I finally decided to bite the bullet and purchase some “real” dinnerware. We’ve been using hand-me-down Walmart plates for past 6 years, which do their job but aren’t very pretty or exciting. I like fiestaware because it has a reputation for being durable, but also it’s fun! and colorful! Yay!

It took me entirely too long to pick out the colors I wanted. I’m just obsessively crazy like that. I guess I could have just chosen one color and got a whole set of it, but that’s no fun, so I got multiple colors. 5 to be exact. Cobalt, Scarlet, Persimmon, Shamrock, and Sunflower.

With the exception of Sunflower (and possibly Scarlet since I haven’t received it yet) none of the colors look like they do on the site. The green is much darker, the orange is much lighter, but those I don’t really mind because they are at least close to what I thought they looked like. The issue is with Cobalt.

This is what Amazon says Cobalt looks like.

This is what Cobalt actually looks like.:

Wha? How are those even remotely the same color? How much photoprocessing did Amazon have to do to even make their photo look like that? It’s even worse if you look at the all the cobalt products together because almost every item looks like a completely different color. And if you look at the products pages for each color, they’re all like that. I originally thought that Fiestaware had different glazes for each color until I went to their actual website and saw that wasn’t the case.

The good new is that I like the “real” cobalt color much more than I liked Amazon’s effed up version. But what if someone really wanted the lighter blue color and then they got these completely different looking dark plates instead? That’s just a really crappy thing for Amazon to do, especially since there is absolutely no warning (that I saw) that says the colors may vary from the photographs.

I’m still waiting to get Scarlet and I’m hoping like hell it’ll be more like the other colors that are just slightly off from the photo rather than a completely different color like the blue. I wanted to eventually have a set of 8 or 10, but now I’m wary of buying new colors. I guess I’ll just have make sure to check the fiestaware website since it’s photographs are much closer (though still not perfect).

The cool thing about Feistaware is that they introduce new colors every year, so I definitely wanted to leave some room to buy a new set if a color I like came out. I think the next set I buy (probably at Christmas) will be the purple. All the colors I picked match (sort of) this rug I have and purple is only color left that I haven’t gotten. That’s another one that looks completely different on Amazon, though.

I can tell this will be a lifelong collection because I already want a ton of the accessories like the salt and pepper shakers, canisters, mixing bowls, etc. I imagine I’ll be adding a new piece or two to my set every year for my birthday and Christmas. I’ve never really collected anything before, so that sounds like fun, although I know it’s going to wind up costing tons of money. Oh well, all the more reason to start contributing more to that savings account.

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