Ducks in a Row

Ducks in a Row

So I finally started going through about a years worth of photos. I’ve been wanting to, but I’m lazy and then I take more and more pictures and the task just seems impossible. But what’s the point in taking a million pictures and then not doing anything with them?? So I’m trying to make myself go through a certain number every week, at the very least enough so I can start posting on here regularly again.

This week I have lots of duck pictures. Our new apartment has a lake (or maybe pond? I don’t know, a big pond…a small lake…it’s somewhere in the middle) there are tons of ducks and I’ve grown to like them a lot. I think birds in general are really beautiful animals (but I fully admit I really don’t have much else to take pictures of around here). Anyway, earlier this spring I discovered some ducklings and they are about the most adorable things in the world. Sadly, it seems many didn’t make it as there were only two left when I checked back a few weeks later. But the mom had added two “bodyguard” ducks to help protect them so I think they made it. Pretty darn smart, if you ask me.

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