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Remember that time about 9 months ago when I made a big deal of combining my blog with my portfolio because I still wanted a place to post my thoughts and blah blah blah, but then I proceeded to not post anything for the rest of the year? Yeah…well, I’m starting over again.

First of all I’m moving all my professional/business stuff over to emilycarlin.com (not live yet, but should be within the next week) because it just makes more sense to have that stuff tied to my actual name and not to a nickname that barely anyone calls me. So that leaves this domain (emiline.com for those of you being forwarded here from my various other blogs who are probably really confused right now) as my personal playground. After much deliberation I decided to let go of leftunspoken.net and import/redirect everything here. It’s kind of sad since leftunspoken.net was the very first domain I ever bought way back in 2004. It was my very first blog and making countless layouts for it is the reason that I’m a web designer today! But it’s almost a new decade and it’s time to let go of the past and embrace the future and all that cliche stuff.

So what does that mean for this site? What’s going to be here and am I actually going to post here this time around? Besides all the photos I imported in, I also have a bunch of blog posts that were imported in from a previous personal blog. I would like to continue having some actual writing on the site, but there probably won’t be tons because I’m kind of done with the whole “baring-your-soul-for-the-whole-internet-to-read” phase of my life. So basically this will be a photoblog with some thoughts/anecdotes/links/quotes/whatever I find interesting that day.

But I will be posting regularly because I’ve decided to do Project 365 this year which means that I will take a photo every single day. I bought myself a really nice (and really expensive) camera for Christmas and I want to get my money’s worth! Plus I want to learn to be a better photographer and taking a picture everyday will hopefully help with that.

I know I’m not going to have time to post a new picture everyday — I have work and my food blog and my boyfriend and cats and TV and a millionty other things — so my plan is to take a picture every day and then on Saturdays I will upload all the pics and schedule them to post each day of the next week. So in theory, a picture that is posted on Monday would have been taken the previous Monday. We’ll see how that works out as the year goes on, but it seems like the easiest way to stay on top of everything and not get overwhelmed.

So anyway, take a look around the new(-ish) site. I decided to do a redesign because I wanted something that was simple and white to display my photos on. I’m going to to change out the header image/colors every once in a while to reflect the season or my state of mind or whatever. Right now I’m absolutely in love with all the snow we’ve been getting, so my layout (and today’s picture) is snow inspired.

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