Fresh Start


3/365 - January 3, 2009

The thing I love most about this house (beside the kitchen) is the mantle over the fireplace. We had a fireplace in our last two apartments (not that they were ever used them since we were in Florida), but neither had a mantle. What the point of having a fireplace if you can’t hang your stockings on the mantle at Christmas?

It was great finally getting to hang our stockings on a mantle this Christmas, but it’s even more fun decorating the mantle the rest of the year. We took down all the Christmas decorations today and I was left with completely blank mantle. For now I decided to a do a tribute to one of my favorite artists, Walter Anderson, so I put together all the prints I own of his (as well as one of my own – the black and white one in the middle) and some of my favorite candles. I’m happy with how it looks, though I’m sure I’ll rearrange it about a zillion more times this year…but that’s the fun part.




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