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9/365 - January 9, 2010


Power Lines

On Saturday we went on a road trip to a small suburb (the official sign called it a “village”) outside of Richmond for — I’m not even exaggerating — a sandwich. Our favorite deli from when we lived in Tennessee and Savannah, GA, was this place called Schlotzsky’s. But then we moved to Florida where there weren’t any. So we haven’t been there in more than five years (give or take a few times we found a Schlotzsky’s anywhere near an interstate we were driving on). There’s no Schlotzsky’s in Charlottesville, but there is one this little “village” in the middle of nowhere so we drove an hour to get there and it was absolutely worth it! Still my favorite sandwiches.

This village also has a movie theater that’s about a billion times nicer than ANY of the theaters in Charlottesville (which is really sad) so since we drove all that way we wound up seeing a double feature of The Princess and the Frog and Avatar. All-in-all a very fun day. I imagine we’ll be making this trip fairly regularly…if only to get our sandwich fix.

My grandmother gave that Superman toy to me years ago as a joke (she got it in a kid’s meal she ordered), but I’ve always hung it in each car we’ve had because I think he’s a good luck charm. Our first car was totaled when a woman ran a red light and hit it, but Brandon (who was driving) wasn’t hurt at all. There was only one very minor accident in the next car, which we traded in a few years ago for our current car in which we haven’t had any accidents at all (knock on wood). As far as I’m concerned Superman will be hanging in every car we ever own.


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  1. Chris says:

    Love the shots, as always.

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