Rainy Days and Sundays


17/365 - January 17, 2010

Wet Leaf


Raindrops on a Branch

I just googled it and the lyric is actually “rainy days and Mondays“, but I still like that title. And for the record rainy days and Sundays don’t always get me down (Mondays definitely do, though). As far as the weather goes, I tend to like the opposite of what most people like. I love rain and snow. I love cold weather. I like the sun as long as I’m inside and it’s shining gorgeous light through my windows (to take pictures with, of course), but I’m more likely to go on a walk on an overcast day or close to sunset.

Anyway, all that to say it was raining on Sunday and I loved it. I went out and took these behind my apartment when the rain slowed down for a bit. I wish it would rain every Sunday. It’s the perfect day just to stay inside and watch a movie or read a book with some hot chocolate nearby. Perfection.


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  1. Frida says:

    I just love the 3rd and 5th image. Gorgeous captures.

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