31/365 - January 31, 2010



Today is the start of the big “snowpocalypse” where we’re supposed to get 20-30 inches of snow over the next few days so it’s ironic that I’m posting my pictures of flowers from earlier this week. I bought these Gerberas at the grocery store because I was getting a bit tired of all the white and gray of winter. They definitely made my day and they’re still sitting on my desk right now looking bright and pink, a nice contrast to all the snow falling outside my window.

This post also marks one month into Project 365! I’m still going strong, although I’ve definitely been having a tougher time thinking of things to take pictures of. The weather hasn’t helped too much since it’s been snowing so much lately. After this storm I think I’ll definitely have had my fill of snow and will be ready for Spring to get here.

I’ll have more to say about my first month of Project 365 tomorrow, today I just want to enjoy my pretty flowers.

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