January Extras

Ground Lines

Hay Bales


Storm rolling in...

Gerbera Silhouette

These are some outtakes from my first full month of Project365. I like all of these but for whatever reason (too many photos already in a post, subject/colors didn’t fit with other photos, etc.) I didn’t use them, so I thought I’d do a post with all of them. I imagine I’ll make this a regular thing at the end of every month.

I’ve really enjoyed this challenge so far, and I’m happy with all my photos from January. There were only a couple that I didn’t completely like, and weirdly, those got more comments on flickr than some other photos that were my favorites. That was definitely eye-opening and one reason I’m very glad to be doing this project along with so many other people. It’s great getting other people’s perspectives on my photos and in turn being inspired by their photos. (And if you’re doing Project 365, please comment and let me know your blog/flickr address! I’d love to follow your progress, too.)

Interestingly enough, as of tomorrow, I’ll actually be on the posting schedule that I said I was going to follow when I started this. I had planned to be a week behind so that the photo I posted each day would be from 7 days earlier. But when I started in January I actually did a pretty good job of posting the same day I took the photo, then as work got busier I got a couple of days behind which expanded by a couple more days over the month and now after a power outage yesterday and wanting to post this today I’ll be 7 days behind like I originally planned. I’m jealous of all the people that have the time to take a photo, process it and post it all in the same day, but that just doesn’t work with my schedule and I don’t want to kill myself doing this project. It should be fun, not a chore.

So anyway, that’s where I’m at now. I’ll resume Project 365 tomorrow with the 1st of February.

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