Power lines


52/365 - February 21, 2010

Brandon and I went out to find some nature trails last Sunday so I was hoping to get lots of nice nature shots, but instead I got power lines. I do like these shots, but it was definitely not what I was expecting.

First we went to a large park downtown that is supposed to have a bunch of hiking trails, but the ground was still so covered in snow that we couldn’t find them. So then I remembered there was another walking trail nearby, which we found with the help of Brandon’s phone (yay, technology!), but the trail runs along with these power lines so it wasn’t particularly scenic. It was also covered in snow, making it difficult to walk on, so after walking about 15 minutes, we decided to give up and go home. It was a pretty disappointing day, but at least we got out and explored the city a bit. Hopefully the snow will melt soon, because the first place seems promising if we can ever find the trails.

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