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Homemade Donuts

75/365 - March 16, 2010

Homemade Donuts

I think donuts are probably my favorite food, but I hardly ever actually eat them. This is more true now that we’ve moved to Charlottesville, where there are no Krispy Kreme’s! Sorry, but Dunkin Donuts just doesn’t compare. So I’ve really been craving donuts lately and I just decided that I should make some myself. I used Pioneer Woman’s recipe and it is the real deal. The donuts are kind of pain to make because you have to chill the dough overnight, but totally worth it in the end: light and fluffy and delicious.

I used to be scared of frying things, but I’ve done it few times now and it’s not really a big deal. You just have to watch carefully and make sure you don’t over-fry them. I think it would probably be easier and faster with two people, one to concentrate on the frying and the other to concentrate on blotting the oil and transferring to a rack. But I did all that myself and it wasn’t particularly difficult, it just took a while.

Anyway, I’m actually glad these are kind of a pain to make because otherwise I’d want to make them all the time! I’ll definitely be saving this recipe for special occasions.

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