A Day at the Park

Budding Leaves

79/365 - March 20, 2010

Chris Greene Lake


I’ve been searching for some hiking trails around here for a while to no avail until I randomly noticed this park, that’s about 5 minutes away from us, while I was looking for something on google maps one day. This place is definitely a winner, there are a bunch of large hiking loops in the forest around a big lake (you can swim in the lake, too, but I don’t even own a bathing suit anymore so that’s never going to happen).

It was a really nice hike, but I didn’t wind up getting many pictures the day we went down there. The forest was still very much in winter-mode: very barren trees, hardly anything green with the exception of those tiny budding leaves that I took a picture of. I’m hoping when we go back in a few weeks things will look a bit more spring-like.

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