Playing with Light

Playing with Light

81/365 - March 22, 2010 (Better larger: Click to view)

Since I love bokeh, I wound up buying this bokeh kit on a whim. It’s a little plastic thing that put over your camera, with a hole in the middle of the lens area where you fit little cutouts, like hearts, stars, etc. Then when you take a picture, you’ll be able to see that shape repeated in the background. It’s actually something you can easily make yourself, but I’m lazy so I bought the kit instead.

Anyway, this isn’t something I would use all the time, because I do think it can look a bit corny, but it’s fun to play with and I really like the pictures I got with it. I think the super bright sunlight was a bit too stark, this effect probably works better with Christmas lights or things like that. I’ll definitely have to play around some more. And I like that because sometimes I feel like I’m way too serious and technical about photography and I don’t have as much fun with it as I should, so this gives me a good outlet for that.

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