Out in the Country, Part 3


Old Chicken Coop

Old Chicken Coop

Old Chicken Coop

This is the last of my farm photos, so it’s back to our regularly scheduled Project 365 tomorrow. These are some old abandoned chicken coops that I thought were interesting. (And a little scary. When I was walking around the field taking the photos I thought this would make a great opening for a horror movie: Amateur photographer out by herself in the middle of nowhere, it starts getting dark, so she moves closer and closer to the abandoned chicken coops (cue dramatic, tension filled music and maybe some slo-mo) and then all of sudden ZOMBIES jump out and devour her. And scene. The movie would be about some parasite in chickens that turns people into zombies. Come on, like that idea is any worse the than premise of any other horror movie? I’ll take my million dollars now, please.)

Anyway, it turns out Brandon does have to go back into work tomorrow, so I’ll get to explore a lot more. I can’t wait to see what else I find.

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