Very Pink


96/365 - April 6, 2010 - Click to see larger


Cherry Tree

One day I’m going to get tired of taking pictures of flowers, but that is not going to be anytime soon. This is the first real spring I’ve had in years. There’s no spring in Florida, there’s just less hot and very hot. I saw very few flowers while I lived there, so living somewhere that I see a new flower or plant or insect every single time I step out of my house is amazing. Also amazing? Accidents. In the top picture, I didn’t even notice there was a ladybug until I was looking though the photos afterward.

I think this is my favorite variety of cherry tree that I’ve seen so far because it’s so brilliantly pink. If we ever buy our own house, I want to plant a bunch of these. They are lovely. But when I was taking pictures this tree was swarming with bees, so I’ll have to make sure it’s a safe distance from the house because I hate bees (although I do like taking pictures of them).

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