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White Flowers


Why is there not a website that helps you identify trees/flowers by picture? It seems to me that this is a really obvious website to make, but I googled my brain out trying to figure out what kind of tree this was and had no help. The few websites I could find that help with identifying things either had teeny-tiny pictures, with no close-ups or no pictures at all. I think this is some kind of crabapple or pear tree, but I’m really not sure. It’s pretty, whatever it is!


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  1. Ava Sesler says:

    I think each and every photo shot is beautiful and I wish I had the couragee to began a hobbie of this king. Would you be interested in selling any of these? (in print only) Maybe in a size of 8×10 or 11×13. Please get back to me at your conveience and list prices and protocal………………………………………….Thanks and keep up the nice work!

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