Creativity Boot Camp, Day 5. I had such a good idea for this one and it didn’t work out. Because I thought I had taken some pictures of this when it first sprouted and I was going to do a diptych of then and now to show the growth, but that wasn’t to be since I looked back and saw it was the basil that had sprouted, not the parsley. However, of the four herbs I planted this is the only one that didn’t die, so I still thought it was a good representation of growth. It’s the first time I’ve ever planted something myself and watch it grow!

I replanted the other three herbs last week so I’m hoping they will do better this time. I think I may have over-watered them before? I don’t know. Obviously I kind of suck at gardening, but if I can keep the parsley thriving this long, at least I know that I can do it.

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