China and Lace


Lamp shade


I have not been terribly consistent with posting lately, have I? I don’t think it’s just posting here, I really haven’t felt much like taking photos lately either. I’m certainly not giving it up or anything crazy like that, I just haven’t felt particularly inspired of late. I was really excited about Fall, but then it sort of came and went and it wasn’t very pretty this year. I do have a bunch of Fall photos I took a couple of weeks ago that I have yet to process, but that may be the extent of my Fall photos since the time change is going to limit my time outside now. I’m looking forward to winter now: Christmas and snow and all that. That stuff makes me happy and I have not been feeling particularly happy lately.

Anyway, I scheduled out the rest of these antique shop photos this week so I could finally get all those posted. I’ll work on processing those Fall photos during the weekend and post those next week. And I guess I need to get out there and make myself take some new photos!


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