Snowy Branches and Plants

Wispy Plant

Wispy Plant 2

Wow, it’s been a little while since I posted here hasn’t it? I’ve been so overbooked with work since December that spending time on anything personal just made me feel guilty. I’ve still be working on my food photography — I’m particularly proud of the photos from the most recent post on my food blog — but I just haven’t gotten a chance to walk around outside with my camera much. The only thing that inspired me to go out was when it snowed again at the end of January which is when these photos were taken.

On Friday I’m taking a much needed long weekend for my birthday and we are going to stay in a cabin. It’s supposed to be in the mountains, out in the middle of nowhere, near a river. I’m expecting a weekend of relaxing and some hiking and picnicking and lots of camera time so hopefully I’ll be posting lots more photos in the coming weeks.

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