Birthday Retreat – Part 1

Bella Vista cottage sign

Bella Vista cottage

Boat above the fireplace

Adorable decorative boat above the fireplace


Muffin and coffee

A quick breakfast

View from the porch

View from the cottage porch

It’s been a week and I still can’t stop thinking of this place. I want to go back! I’d actually love to live in place like this, except that I doubt they have broadband out there. (Sadly, a deal breaker since I work online.)

The cottage was both secluded, but not as secluded as I thought it would be, actually. It is located about 10 miles from the small town of Luray, VA, (only an hour or so from here) but the drive out there involved lots of twists and turns on country roads, vast fields and farms, a river, and very few houses. When we got to the (dirt) road where the cottage is located, I was surprised to see it lined with quite a few other houses and cabins (some quite extravagant) but it seems like many were also rentals/summer homes and since it was the off-season they were empty.

I wouldn’t want to come back here in summer since there would probably be a lot more people around and also, the A/C in the cottage wasn’t spectacular. That’s another deal breaker for me but luckily it was only warm the first day we were there, after that we had to turn on the heat, which was much more effective (almost too effective). My plan is to come back next Fall since it won’t be so hot and I imagine the color on the trees and view of the mountains will be stunning. I honestly can’t wait.

We got there around 3pm on Friday. I walked around and took a bunch of pictures. We found a trail behind the house and went on a short hike. The cottage has a full kitchen and I had brought lots of food so we stayed in and ate hot dogs for dinner and watched a little TV. Then we relaxed in the hot tub. I’ve never really been in a hot tub before, but this trip made me hope that one day we’ll be rich enough to buy one. The hot tub was out on a screened in porch, so we were covered, but the moon was full and the wind was was howling all around us. It was amazing! I could have stayed in there for hours. The next day I actually did stay in there for hours, but I’ll talk more about that tomorrow.

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