The Shenandoah River

The Shenandoah River

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The Shenandoah River waves

Our cottage had check-in/check-out hours like a hotel, so we had to leave by 11 am on Sunday (although it’s not like there was anyone there waiting so I imagine we probably had some leeway). We’d seen the river from the road all weekend but I wanted to see it up close, so (after getting lost, again) we found a short hiking trail down to the Shenandoah River.

With the winter landscape all around it wasn’t terribly stunning, but it was nice and peaceful down there. I was most interested in the cabins on the other side. I would love to have a cabin by a river! I’m not sure it would be somewhere that I could live all the time since I’m pretty dependent on my broadband internet and Target, but it would be so great to have a cabin that I could go to on the weekends. Maybe one day…

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