Signs of Spring

Spring buds flare diptych

I went out on a photowalk for the first time in ages this weekend and got lots of shots of Spring slowly poking it’s head out. As much as I love the temperature during the winter, it’s not terribly inspiring for photography. Barren trees and snow can be interesting subjects at first, but after 3 months, it all just looks sad and boring.

Spring is the opposite, everything gets more and more interesting with each passing day. There still aren’t many leaves on the trees yet, but there are lots of buds like these and pear blossoms are already blooming. I need to get back into exercising more regularly and this will encourage me to go walking daily. I went out for a walk the day after I took these photos and there were already tons of new blooms. I don’t want to miss anything!

Lots more photos coming up.

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