What a difference a week makes

Spring buds flare

Spring buds covered in snow


Daffodils covered in snow

Spring buds

spring buds covered in snow

A couple of weeks ago it was sunny and in the 60s/70s. This week it’s raining/snowing and in the 30s/40s. I love it! When it started snowing on Saturday night, I knew that it would probably melt fast on Sunday, so I wound up staying up all night (not really stretch since I stay up until 4/5am on the weekends anyway) and I went out at first light to get photos.

It wound up being the perfect time as it was snowing pretty hard at the point, but had almost stopped by the time I got back home at 9am. When I woke up later that day, all the snow had melted, so I’m really glad I was able to get pictures. I figure it’s not often you get to see snow on spring flowers! At least not around here.

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