Green tomato with rain drops

Close up of rain drops on a tomato on the vine

Oops, I didn’t mean to go away and forget about my little photo blog, but here we are. I kept meaning to post…and then I didn’t. Some days I think I should give up this blog or maybe combine it with my much more active (and time consuming) food blog, but other days I like having a place to post about things other than recipes. I don’t know, one day I will figure out what exactly I want to accomplish with this blog, but until then I guess I’ll keep posting sporadically.

Another factor is that I haven’t been taking many non-food blog related photos lately. It’s been so hot that walking around and taking pictures doesn’t sound very fun. Plus since I’ve now been living here for almost two years the shine has kind of worn off. I still adore this neighborhood, but I feel like I’ve already taken pictures of about every tree and flower in all four seasons so I’m not as inspired by it as I was last year.

What I have been doing is taking tons of photos with my iPhone that I got a few months ago. I’m loving using instagram and other photo apps and it’s been inspiring me in ways that my good old Canon just hasn’t been. I’m trying to figure out the best way to autopost those photos on here, so that may start happening soon. Otherwise, if anyone still reads this blog (I seriously have no idea) and you are on instagram, feel free to follow me, I’m Emiline220. I will follow you back!

To try to get back into the photo taking groove, I joined the new Capture the Word group on flickr. They have a new word every week and you try to well, capture it (duh). Anyway, the first word was Refreshing, so when I saw my very first home grown tomato gleaming with rain drops it seemed like a perfect subject.

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