Field of Gold

Field of goldenrod

Field of Goldenrod

We randomly found this nature preserve a few weeks ago on the drive out to the house of one of Brandon’s coworkers (he had agreed to take care of their birds while they were out of town). I immediately googled it when we got home and found a trail map. We went out for a hike that Sunday which happened to be 9-11. It seemed like a good a day to be outside enjoying life and the world around us. The sky was absolutely beautiful that afternoon. This field was at the entrance to the hiking area and someone had carved a path down the middle so you could walk through it. All the goldenrod just looked amazing.

I love this trail because it’s only about 15 minutes from us, but it’s still far out in the country and very secluded. I’m excited to have a new place to hike! Before we were having to drive all the way up to the mountains to hike but this is the second nature area I’ve found in town this summer. Hiking in the summer is never that fun because it’s so hot and humid but I plan to do a lot of hiking once the fall weather gets here.

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