Fall on the Blue Ridge Parkway, Part 1

View from the Blue Ridge Parkway

Fall Leaves

Fall Colors


Fall Bokeh

Last year I completely missed the Fall peak around here and many of the leaves were off the trees before I got out with my camera. I was determined not to let that happen again, so I made sure to go out and enjoy nature as much as possible this month. This past weekend it actually snowed here! It melted by the morning, but it was still too cold to venture out much into nature so I’m glad I got to take advantage of the beautiful weather earlier this month.

This week I have lots of photos of our drive down the Blue Ridge Parkway here in Virgina. When Brandon and I visited North Carolina a few years back we also did a lot of driving on the Parkway, so it’s fun to see another section of it and think about how long it is! We’ve driven down Skyline Drive quite a bit but haven’t been down this way before. Plus, even though they are technically the same road, the Blue Ridge Parkway is free, whereas you have to pay to drive on Skyline, so this saved a little money.

The colors up there were gorgeous so I think I definitely lucked out with the timing!

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