Oh deer


Well, it’s been about a year since I last posted here, but I randomly decided to spruce this place up a bit and start posting again. I have been taking photos all year BUT I went through a period where the thought of opening up Lightroom or Photoshop to process any of them sounded like torture. In fact, I still have a bunch of unedited photos from the first half of the year that I’ve yet to get through.

The big news is that I moved to Tennessee—Nashville to be exact—this past summer and despite my initial reservations I’m starting to enjoy it here quite a bit. I went to high school not far from here, so I’m finding it feels a bit more like home than Virginia ever did. (Nothing against Virginia, I really loved it up there.)

Autumn has been quite lovely down here in Tennessee and we’ve been hiking more than ever so I’ve finally felt excited enough about my photography to overcome my ennui and process my photos. One thing that helped get me excited is that I finally crossed Number 1 off my photography bucket list: Deer!!!! The most unskittish deer I’ve ever seen, in fact. They just ambled along the forest looking for stuff to nibble on and let me take about a bazillion photos from a safe distance away (thank you, 200mm lens). It was late in the afternoon and a bit dark, so some of them came out underexposed and noisy but I did get a few shots I’m quite proud of. I’ll have more photos later this week.

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