Radnor Lake (10/07/12)


These are the rest of the photos I took at Radnor Lake the same day I got the deer photos. It was at the beginning of October so the leaves were just beginning to change. Radnor Lake is probably one of the most popular hiking spots in Nashville but I still found it to be quite peaceful there. The animals must feel the same way since I got photos of deer and giant wild turkeys and they didn’t seem at all concerned about people being there. I miss the little lake by my apartment in Charlottesville, so it’s nice to have this one nearby.

I’m trying out a new gallery posting format which I think I’m going to be happier with. I didn’t like having to scroll through a million photos on the main page. Now you can click on one of the thumbnails and it’ll open up to a nice, easy slideshow of all the photos in the post.

Click to view full size photos.

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