Wild Turkeys and Deer outtakes


Here are a few shots of the wild turkeys I mentioned the other day. I’ve never seen a wild turkey before and they are sooo big! A large group (which google tells me is called a “rafter”) walked by, and didn’t seem at all fazed that there were a bunch of people staring at them. Unfortunately, that part of the trail was completely covered with trees so it was almost too dark to get photos, but I lucked out with a few shots where the sun was shining through.

The other photos are the rest of my deer photos which are too underexposed and noisy but I still like anyway. This experience taught me that I really need to practice more action photography. Since I mostly take food photos or still nature/landscape shots I’ve gotten dependent on the aperture priority mode on my camera. I had to switch out of that right quick to get shots of these animals that weren’t blurred, but since they were moving quickly I didn’t have much time to figure out what the best settings would be. I feel like I’ve mastered aperture but shutter speed still messes me up. Definitely gotta work on that. Still, I’m just happy these shots came out clear instead of blurry. For me, that’s progress.

Click to view full size photos.

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