Fall colors at Long Hunter State Park


I’ve been really motivated to go hiking this past month because I didn’t want to miss the fall colors. Brandon and I headed to Long Hunter State Park on October 21st and we definitely lucked out by going that particular weekend. The following week many of the leaves started turning brown and falling and I was really glad to have gotten these pictures!

Long Hunter State Park is large and pretty area by J. Percy Priest Lake here in Nashville. We hiked the Volunteer Day Loop trail which I really liked. I’m not a fan of lots of uphill climbing and this trail is fairly even without being too easy. The hiking trail at Radnor lake is definitely too easy (though very pretty) and we tried another trail at Warner Park that was basically climbing up a mountain (and not very pretty) so this is a nice middle ground between those. Between that and all the wonderful colors, this was one the best hikes I’ve ever been on. I’m not sure Brandon felt the same way since I made him stop every 5 minutes so I could take pictures. 🙂

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