Missing the snow


I was starting to like Nashville and think maybe it would be a good place to finally settle down but winter has made me reconsider. I miss snow! It’s been depressingly cold and rainy all week resulting in a few short flurries but nothing substantial. Today has been especially frustrating because it snowed in Alabama and now it’s snowing in East Tennessee/North Carolina and to the north in Virginia where I used to live. So it’s snowing all around, but completely skipped middle Tennessee. How does that happen??

Last winter when we were still in Charlottesville it was very warm and only snowed—lightly—a few times. This winter they’ve already had a few snowfalls and will probably have several more. I guess I’m just sad I didn’t get a normal winter before having to leave that state and move to one with an even warmer winter.

Most people probably don’t care about snow one way or another but having lived in the South all my life I still regard it as something really special. Snow makes me feel pure joy. Every single time it snowed in Charlottesville I excitedly put on my thermal underwear and layers of flannel and went outside to walk around, sometimes for hours. Most of the time I wouldn’t see anyone else. Or I’d get looks from people who had to walk their dogs, like “Why are out with a camera in the middle of this!?” But I didn’t care because I loved it! I barely even felt the cold because of how happy I was to be out there.

Hopefully, one day I’ll be able to finally move North to a state that has a real winter. Until then I’ll just have to look at old pictures. I still have a ton of unposted photos from last year and these are all from the two snowfalls we have in Charlottesville last January and February. The second snow day (starting with the photo of the fence) was on my birthday which is, hands down, the best birthday present I’ve ever gotten.

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  1. Felicia says:

    I simply love your photos! Simple and beautiful; simply beautiful! I was born and raised in Maine so I definitely know all about real winters. I used to sit outside in the woods just listening to the whisper and hush of the snow and studying the changes in nature. It made me feel so peaceful.

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