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  • A trip up the mountain

  • Fall colors at Long Hunter State Park

  • Wild Turkeys and Deer outtakes

  • Radnor Lake (10/07/12)

  • Oh deer

  • A Fall Hike, Part 3

  • A Fall Hike, Part 2

  • A Fall Hike, Part 1

  • Fall on the Blue Ridge Parkway, Part 4

  • Fall on the Blue Ridge Parkway, Part 3

  • Fall on the Blue Ridge Parkway, Part 2

  • Fall on the Blue Ridge Parkway, Part 1

  • Fall Walkabout

  • Changing Leaves

  • Hollymead at Sunset (again)

  • Overgrown

  • First Signs of Fall

  • Remembering Summer, Part 3

  • Remembering Summer, Part 2

  • Remembering Summer, Part 1

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  • Field of Gold

  • Refreshing

  • Goslings!

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