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Cornish Hen with Roasted Grapes

Cornish Hen with Roasted Grapes

34/365 - February 3, 2010

I promise this is not going to become a food blog, but last week was insanely busy with work which affects the time I have to take photos and my creativity in taking them, so you get a bunch of shots of my dinner this week. I haven’t had time to put this recipe up on my food blog (probably will early next week), but suffice it to say: Roasted grapes = yum. Seriously.

Unfinished Building

In the almost 4 years I’ve lived here, they’ve only succeeded in putting glass on the outside of half of this building. This is the only angle from which it looks finished. From every other angle it’s a gaping hole of exposed concrete. I don’t think they will ever finish building this.

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