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Summer's End

Summer's End

I guess Labor Day is sort of the unofficial end of Summer so I wanted to post this instead of my usual Friday Flowers. I was looking through shots I took this summer and I thought these paired well and they just make me think of summer. Despite the heatwave this was one of the nicest summers I’ve ever had. It was certainly a major improvement over Florida summers. I’m ready for fall, though! You can expect lots of shots of turning leaves around here, Fall is my favorite season and I plan on taking full advantage of it with my camera.

The Drive Home

Highway at Dusk

86/365 - March 27, 2010

We took another trip down to Scholtzskysville this past weekend. It’s becoming a fairly regular thing mostly so we can go see movies at a theater that doesn’t suck. I really don’t understand how this little suburb outside of Richmond actually has a real IMAX movie theater while all the theaters in Charlottesville are still stuck in 1980. Oh well, it’s not that long of a drive and we get to go to Schlotzsky’s so I don’t mind.


This is a composite (I combined a few photos of single jellyfish into one), but I didn’t do any kind of color processing, this is what they looked like. There was a special light in the pitch black tank that cycled through colors, so they would change from blue to green to red, which was cool.

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