This is my first entry for Creativity Boot Camp. You may have noticed that I’m not numbering my photos anymore, which is because I’ve sort of given up the ghost on Project 365. I am still taking photos as much as possible, but I just feel like it’s cheating to say I’m still doing Project 365 when I really not. I think it’s awesome that there are people out there that have the time and motivation to do this project, but it’s just not realistic for my life and it was becoming more burdensome than enjoyable. I don’t want photography to be something I feel obligated to do, I want it to be something that I want to do. And honestly, I find that’s the case more often when I haven’t taken any photos for a few days, than when I’m forcing myself to take a picture that I ultimately feel embarrassed about posting.

But, that doesn’t mean that I’m going to stop taking photos or posting here regularly. I’m still going to do my best to post something on here 5 days a week (another thing I hated about Project 365, posting on weekends). Generally, when I go out on my photowalks around my neighborhood, I’ll come home with 200-300 pictures and I was never happy about the fact that I had to pick just one photo to represent that day. Now I can post all the photos I like over a couple days or a week without feeling guilty about messing up Project 365.

Anyway, jumping into a new project after giving up on this one, may not seem like the best idea, but Creativity Boot Camp only lasts a few weeks. I felt like I needed something to jumpstart me back into a “photography is fun” mindset and this sounds perfect for that. The point is to do some reflection on your chosen craft and everyday she gives a word prompt to use a jumping off point. I’m not sure I’ll be able to do every single day (I’ve certainly learned that beating myself up about not being able to doesn’t work), but I’m going to try to do as many as I can. I’ve been doing mostly outdoor/nature shots recently, so I really want to concentrate on indoor/still life and maybe some other stuff that is way out of my comfort zone. We’ll see. My main goal is just to have fun!

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