Deep Creek

Indian Creek Falls

Indian Creek Falls

I’m still really sad that one full day of my vacation had been taken up with a work emergency, but what can you do? The next day we had to be out of the cabin by 10am. (But not before I snapped a few more photos of that view!) Thankfully, it was a nice day and our next destination, Asheville, was only an hour away so there was plenty of time to do the hiking that I had planned to do the day before.

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Cabin in the Woods


I’m slowly working through all of my photos of our vacation to North Carolina last month. These are of the cabin (and the views surrounding it) where we stayed at for the first part of the week. It was stunningly beautiful out there despite much of the Fall color being gone by the time we arrived (I heard from a park ranger in Asheville that Hurricane Sandy had blown away most of the leaves when it passed by). I’d love to say it was absolutely perfect but there were definitely some hitches.

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A trip up the mountain


I went on vacation to North Carolina two weeks ago and it looks like Fall officially ended while I was gone. Before I left the trees in front of my apartment were still filled with brilliant red leaves but when I got back they were barren. It’s been a nice Fall here, so I’m sad it’s over. Especially since it’s not terribly cold yet, which is really the only good part about winter.

I’m still editing my vacation photos but in the meantime these are the last of my Fall photos. I took them at the end of October when Brandon and I traveled up the mountain to Sewanee to visit our old high school. There was a lecture that Brandon was interested in seeing but I mostly went because I knew the Fall colors would be lovely up there. I was not disappointed!

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Fall colors at Long Hunter State Park


I’ve been really motivated to go hiking this past month because I didn’t want to miss the fall colors. Brandon and I headed to Long Hunter State Park on October 21st and we definitely lucked out by going that particular weekend. The following week many of the leaves started turning brown and falling and I was really glad to have gotten these pictures!

Long Hunter State Park is large and pretty area by J. Percy Priest Lake here in Nashville. We hiked the Volunteer Day Loop trail which I really liked. I’m not a fan of lots of uphill climbing and this trail is fairly even without being too easy. The hiking trail at Radnor lake is definitely too easy (though very pretty) and we tried another trail at Warner Park that was basically climbing up a mountain (and not very pretty) so this is a nice middle ground between those. Between that and all the wonderful colors, this was one the best hikes I’ve ever been on. I’m not sure Brandon felt the same way since I made him stop every 5 minutes so I could take pictures. 🙂

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Wild Turkeys and Deer outtakes


Here are a few shots of the wild turkeys I mentioned the other day. I’ve never seen a wild turkey before and they are sooo big! A large group (which google tells me is called a “rafter”) walked by, and didn’t seem at all fazed that there were a bunch of people staring at them. Unfortunately, that part of the trail was completely covered with trees so it was almost too dark to get photos, but I lucked out with a few shots where the sun was shining through.

The other photos are the rest of my deer photos which are too underexposed and noisy but I still like anyway. This experience taught me that I really need to practice more action photography. Since I mostly take food photos or still nature/landscape shots I’ve gotten dependent on the aperture priority mode on my camera. I had to switch out of that right quick to get shots of these animals that weren’t blurred, but since they were moving quickly I didn’t have much time to figure out what the best settings would be. I feel like I’ve mastered aperture but shutter speed still messes me up. Definitely gotta work on that. Still, I’m just happy these shots came out clear instead of blurry. For me, that’s progress.

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Radnor Lake (10/07/12)


These are the rest of the photos I took at Radnor Lake the same day I got the deer photos. It was at the beginning of October so the leaves were just beginning to change. Radnor Lake is probably one of the most popular hiking spots in Nashville but I still found it to be quite peaceful there. The animals must feel the same way since I got photos of deer and giant wild turkeys and they didn’t seem at all concerned about people being there. I miss the little lake by my apartment in Charlottesville, so it’s nice to have this one nearby.

I’m trying out a new gallery posting format which I think I’m going to be happier with. I didn’t like having to scroll through a million photos on the main page. Now you can click on one of the thumbnails and it’ll open up to a nice, easy slideshow of all the photos in the post.

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