What Do You See #2


70/365 - March 11, 2010


For the most part Dewey doesn’t seem to have much interest in going outside, but sometimes I catch him staring out the window like this and feel guilty for keeping him inside.

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Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal

Day 4 word prompt for Creativity Boot Camp. This one was difficult and requires some explanation, but it’s the best I could come up with. The squirrels destroyed my old bird feeder so all the feed would spill out on the ground. So I bought this new feeder that is supposed to be “squirrel-proof”. Basically if anything heavy tries to jump on the feeder the metal cage-y part on the outside slides down and covers the holes so they can’t get to the seed. See what I did there? 🙂

Anyway, it actually works, but I’ve also noticed a definite lack of birds, too. So either they’re scared of trying to perch on it or they try and they’re too heavy for it. Not sure, but I’m sad about not seeing as many birds as before so I may have to find another feeder. Why is this so complicated!?!

Backyard Wildlife


109/365 - April 19, 2010


Ok, the turtles aren’t technically in my backyard, but they are still pretty close. I wish I could have gotten a better picture of them, but I was out with my 50mm prime lens not my 50-200mm lens, so that’s as close as I could get. Oh well. My next lens purchase is going to be an 18-200mm, so I’ll have more range options when I’m out walking around.

That cardinal visits all the time. I wound up having to get a new birdfeeder because the squirrels broke that one; you’ll notice in the picture that I had to partially tape the holes shut as they had ripped out the stoppers so all the seed would fall out. My new birdfeeder is supposed to be squirrel-proof, so that should leave more food for the birds this time. I like squirrels, but they are greedy little things!

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